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Our expertise lies in manufacturing a wide range of monofilament products, including fishing line, trimmer line and builder’s line.


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Who we are

We are a South African Manufacturing and Engineering Company that specialises in producing high-quality, yet affordable, fishing line and trimmer line products and precision specialised engineering. 

Established in 1999 by Mike de Gouveia, our company has been fueled by a relentless commitment to delivering excellence. Building upon this foundation, the next generation of the de Gouveia family has joined the ranks, actively contributing to the growth and success of our family-run business.

With their expertise in engineering, management, design, and development, they have played a vital role in expanding our operations and ensuring our continued success.

Together, along with our incredible T-Line team, we are dedicated to upholding the values that have been instilled in our family business, while embracing innovation and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of our industry.

Where we are

We are strategically located in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. Our central location provides easy access to domestic and international markets, facilitating efficient distribution and timely delivery of our products.

By having a central location near the airport, we can efficiently import raw materials and components from various global suppliers.

We can collaborate with local engineering companies, tapping into their expertise and benefiting from the availability of skilled professionals and advanced infrastructure.

What we do

T-Line Pro specialises in manufacturing a wide range of monofilament products, including fishing line, trimmer line, builder’s line, and more.

T-Line Pro offers specialised engineering services led by Kevin de Gouveia, catering to industries ranging from marine to agricultural. Our capabilities include CNC milling, mould making, press making, and more.

Our expertise also extends to injection molding. With advanced technologies and a skilled team, we provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

From fishing line to precision-molded parts and custom design, our focus is on reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to contribute to our clients’ success.

How we do it

At T-Line Pro, we utilise advanced technologies and a skilled team to deliver high-quality fishing line and trimmer line products. 

Our ever-evolving production line ensures that we can meet and maintain stringent quality standards. Additionally, our specialised engineering services encompass CNC milling, mould making, press making, and more, allowing us to provide customised solutions for various industries. 

We prioritise reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in our approach to deliver excellent results.

Monofilament Extrusion & Injection Moulding

Experience excellence in monofilament extrusion and injection moulding.

Explore Fishing Line and Tackle Products

Browse our comprehensive collection of sport fishing line and commercial fishing line.

Precision Engineering

Uncover our exceptional precision engineering solutions, including CNC machining and mould making services.

Superior Trimmer Line Loops, Spools & Pre-cuts

Upgrade your lawn care with our top-grade trimmer line loops, spools, and pre-cuts.

Design Services

Transforming ideas into captivating visuals, our design expertise spans 3D, 2D, graphics, and user interfaces.

Builders Line

Elevate your construction projects with our strong and durable builders line.

Quality Excellence

Commitment to delivering products of the highest quality, adhering to strict standards, and continuously improving manufacturing processes.

Customer Focus

Dedication to understanding and exceeding customer expectations, providing exceptional service, and building long-term relationships with clients

Innovation and Adaptability

Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, encouraging creative thinking, and staying at the forefront of technological advancements to remain competitive in the market.

Employee Empowerment and Development

Investing in employee growth, providing training opportunities and recognising and rewarding employees' achievements.

Safety and Environmental Stewardship

Prioritising the safety of employees, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, and minimising the company's environmental impact.
Raeez Pather
Raeez Pather
17. March, 2022.
started using T-Line for the 1st time in December 2021. Bought 0.9mm T-Line game leader and I was hooked. T-Line offers quality products for a fraction of the price. The titanium monofilament line is awesome and very strong. I'd strongly suggest T-Line. They cater for braid fishermen as well as trimmer line for the grass cutting peeps
Quinton Bower
Quinton Bower
30. August, 2021.
T-line is one of the best lines available at the moment won my casting comp with it with a sl30 spooled with 0.40mm casted 149m doesn't burn your finger good line thanks guys
Dewald Hough
Dewald Hough
30. June, 2021.
8kg landed on a 12ft6(own built). Torium20HG. 0.45mm T-line, 0.70mm T-line leader and a 2/0 circle hook using redbait. What a fight. 12kg was landed with my T53/7 (proudly built by FISHING FREAKS SA own Riaz Bux), Saltist50BG, 0.50mm T-line. 0.90mm T-line leader and a 8/0 octopus Land-it hook using redcrab. Best and most nerve wrecking fight till date. Watch out for the video on on my channel on youtube. Subscribe to get notifications of vids beiing loaded. https://youtube.com/channel/UCl0MW4v_SZmntKNO17hSrnQ
Theo Tterman
Theo Tterman
9. January, 2020.
Works for Me! Right quality at the right price and always very happy to support a Local Small Business that gives something back to my sport.
Chris King
Chris King
27. September, 2019.
Awesome line, have used it for rock and surf and the strength and abrasion resistance is outstanding.
Owen Richter
Owen Richter
19. September, 2019.
If you want the best T-Line is the best . I'm proud to say iv been using T-Line for 15 years on my Fishing Tour and never ever let me down. www.wildcoastanglingtours.co.za
Marlon Subrayen
Marlon Subrayen
17. May, 2019.
It's the best line I have used. Stronger than anything out there. Well priced and readily available.
Sonja Faria Marais
Sonja Faria Marais
31. December, 2018.
Best experience on their braid and leaders. I love T Lines products ! awesome service awesome people and they always assist the anglers! thank you T Line
Clive Moodley
Clive Moodley
30. December, 2017.
Best fishing line I ever used and the best thing made in South Africa.

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